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Quebec drivers play 'Russian roulette,' driving past school buses illegally 30,000 times a day, study finds

Daryl Doniel Pitts CT July 10, 2018 A Milton woman is in jail and her partner on the run after a 15-year-old girl in their care outlined years of horrific abuse that included being tied up by ropes, being forced to play Russian roulette and being shot with a Taser. The girl lived with Jacqueline Michelle Hayes, 41, and Daryl Pitts, 43, since 2013. She was interviewed by investigators from the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Gulf Coast Kid's House in June, who determined the child endured multiple forms of abuse since that time. The Milton Police Department arrested Hayes on July 6. They are still searching for Pitts, who has an active warrant out for his arrest. The child underwent a physical examination, the results of which are redacted from Hayes’ arrest report, but that information paired with investigators’ interviews led to Hayes’ arrest and the search for Pitts. MPD's arrest documents for Hayes do not outline the relationship between the two suspects and the child, but say at the time the girl reported the abuse she was living at a new home in Pensacola with Hayes and Pitts. Investigators noted the victim had bruising on both arms, she had a chipped front tooth and had marks on her neck. She said the chipped tooth was caused by Hayes hitting her in the mouth with a steel pole. She alleged that she also had been strangled to the point she couldn’t breathe. The girl told investigators there was an instance where Pitts pulled out a gun and made her play Russian roulette.

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